Manufacturer: Take It Or Leave It Music
Catalog: T 9412/13
Matrix: Disc 1: T 9412 PHC 01 @
        Disc 2: T 9413 PHC 02 @
Barcode: 5 400000 512131
Disc 1: (74:27)
Disc 2: (73:49)
From: Marc Virata (youtwo@nevada.edu)
      (additional info from Joseph P. Genovese (joeg11@ix.netcom.com))

Disc 1:
     1. Intro [7:07]
     2. Zoo Station [4:48]
     3. Party Girl [2:42]
     4. We Love You Bono [0:30]
     5. Mac Phisto Phones With K.L.M. (his travel agent) [4:24]
     6. Ultraviolet (Light My Way) [4:57]
     7. Are You Lonesome Tonight [0:56]
     8. Mac Phisto Phones With Queen Beatrix [2:29]
     9. Slow Dancing [1:15]
    10. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [4:42]
    11. Mac Phisto Phones With Helmut Kohl [2:54]
    12. I Will Follow [2:33]
    13. Redemption Song [1:59]
    14. Sunday Bloody Sunday [5:01]
    15. Mac Phisto Phones With Hans Janmaat [2:23]
    16. Even Better Than The Real Thing [5:28]
    17. Until The End Of The World [5:17]
    18. New Year's Day [5:12]
    19. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) [6:08]
    20. Numb [3:55]

Disc 2:
     1. Mac Phisto Phones With John Major [2:39]
     2. Rain [1:04]
     3. Lost Highway [1:17]
     4. Desire [6:20]
     5. Mac Phisto Phones With Salman Rushdie [4:24]
     6. The Fly [4:43]
     7. Where The Streets Have No Name [6:25]
     8. Mac Phisto Phones With Lady Diana [3:20]
     9. One [4:33]
    10. She's A Mystery To Me [1:30]
    11. Zooropa [2:54]
    12. Bad [6:37]
    13. The First Time [0:34]
    14. Bullet The Blue Sky [5:56]
    15. Mac Phisto Phones The Archbishop Of Canterbury [3:30]
    16. Babyface [4:31]
    17. Pride (In The Name Of Love) [4:41]
    18. Love Is Blindness [5:30]
    19. Can't Help Falling In Love [3:01]

     Disc 1 (1-7): May 10, 1993.  Rotterdam, Holland.  Feyenoord Stadium.
     Disc 1 (8-10): May 11, 1993.  Rotterdam, Holland.  Feyenoord Stadium.
     Disc 1 (11-14): June 4, 1993.  Munich, Germany.  Olympiastadion.
     Disc 1 (15-20): August 3, 1993.  Nijmegen, Holland.  Goffert Park.
     Disc 2 (1-4): August 8, 1993.  Glasgow, Scotland.  Celtic Park.
     Disc 2 (5-7): August 11, 1993.  London, England.  Wembley Stadium.
     Disc 2 (8-14): August 12, 1993.  London, England.  Wembley Stadium.
     Disc 2 (15-19): August 20, 1993.  London, England.  Wembley Stadium 

Sound Quality:
     Very good to excellent audience recordings.  There is some hiss audible
     in the background.  The crowd noise is almost non-existant during the
     performances of the songs.  The entire bootleg sounds like one LONG
     concert (to me, at least), there's little change in sound from location
     to location.  The recording level is a bit low.

     It comes in a slimling 2CD jewel case, with a picture of Bono as "The
     Fly" on the front cover.  The back of the CD has "U2" taking up the back
     with track listing.  The track times listed are taken from the printing
     (so they might not be totally accurate).  The length of each disc is
     from what my CD player indicated.  The intro is a song by The Disposable
     Heroes Of Hiphoprisy, "Television, The Drug Of The Nation", from which
     the title of this bootleg came.  Tracks 1-7 of Disc 1 took place on 
     Bono's Birthday, with The Edge singing on 3 and 4.  The Mac Phisto calls
     vary from funny to wasted space (he does talk with Salman Rushdie, as
     well as Rushdie appearing on stage).  "Bullet The Blue Sky" has the
     anti-US (as well as most of Western Europe) tirade.  If you're looking
     for a "best of" from the Zooropa Tour, this should be considered.  No
     need to go after a dozen or so boots to find particular rarely-played
     songs, this bootleg has many of them.  The consistently good to excellent
     recording makes the entire bootleg listenable and enjoyable.  At the
     very worst, the volume may need minor adjusting as the bootleg switches
     between venues.  It's consistency is great.  The performance of "Bad"
     has L. Shankar on violin, a real treat and change of pace.  "I Still 
     Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" has the crowd get into the 
     performance, while Bono adds additional verses.  A performance of "With
     Or Without You" is noticeably missing.  The performance of "One" is a
     disappointment, Bono missed out on the first few verses (for whatever
     reason).  Why this performance was included on the boot is beyond me,
     except for the possibility that it leads into "She's a Mystery to Me"
     (rarely played live).  The Mac Phisto-sung versions of "Desire" and
     "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" can be somewhat annoying to those used to
     just plain Bono.  The bootleg uses the 2 CD-in-1 jewel box.  I find it
     annoying and flimsy.
     This is the original pressing on this label.