Disc One:
     1. Everybody
     2. Love And Peace Or Else
     3. Vertigo
     4. Elevation
     5. The Electric Co.
     6. A Cat Dubh
     7. Into The Heart
     8. City Of Blinding Lights
     9. Beautiful Day
    10. Miracle Drug
    11. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
    12. New Years Day
    13. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    14. Bullet The Blue Sky

Disc Two:
     1. Running To Stand Still
     2. Zoo Station
     3. The Fly
     4. Mysterious Ways
     5. Pride (In the Name Of Love)
     6. Where The Streets Have No Name
     7. One
     8. All Because Of You
     9. Yahweh
    10.	'40'

     April 5, 2005. Los Angeles, California.  Staples Center.

Sound Quality:
     Very good audience.

Tech Notes:
     Location: Section 119 Row 12 (about 25 feet from stage)

     Source: Sonic Studios PL6 cardiods > custom bass roll off 6db 100hz > M1

     Transfer: DA60 AES > 03D mixer SPDIF > audigy2
               Sound Forge7: bass shelf at 40hz to remove subsonic bass, Durrough compression 4:1 at 160hz 2db boost
               to bring out kick drum, mastering compressor for overall leveling 2:1 threshold at -20db