Manufacturer: Unknown
Catalog: None
Matrix: BONO V
Barcode: None
Complete Show: NA
Format: 1-CD
Released: Unknown
From: Matthias Muehlbradt (matthias.muehlbradt@metronet.de)

     1. Tomorrow
     2. Night And Day (Youth's Remix)
     3. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
     4. Miss Sarajevo
     5. One
     6. In A Lifetime (Bono With Clannad)
     7. Maggie's Farm
     8. Bottoms (Watashitachi No Ookina Yume) (Zoo Station Remix)
     9. Viva Davidoff
    10. Mysterious Ways (Solar Plexus Extended Club Mix)
    11. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Apollo 440 Stealth Sonic Remix)
    12. Theme From Mission: Impossible
    13. Mission: Impossible Theme (Mission Accomplished)
    14. Lady With The Spinning Head (UV1)

     (1): 'Common Ground' album.
     (2): 'Out Loud' album.
     (3): 'Batman Forever' soundtrack.
     (4, 5): September 12, 1995.  Modena, Italy.  The War Child Concert.
     (6): Clannad's 'Themes' album.
     (7): May 17, 1986.  Dublin, Ireland.  Royal Dublin Society Showgrounds.
          Self Aid Festival.
     (8, 9): "Miss Sarajevo" UK CD single.
     (10): "Mysterious Ways" CD single.
     (11): "Even Better Than The Real Thing" CD single.
     (12, 13): "Mission Impossible" CD Single.
     (14): "One" CD Single.

Sound Quality: 
     Excellent soundboard.  Some numbers are taken from a vinyl source.

     Deluxe color cover.  Picture CD.  Additional comments and info needed on
     this bootleg.
     This is the original pressing on this label.