ULTIMATE 7" & 12" COLLECTION 1979-1987, THE
Manufacturer: Unknown
Catalog: None
Matrix: ODY 006 BON 1
Barcode: None
Complete Show: NA
Format: 1-CD
Released: Unknown

     1. Boy-Girl
     2. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
     3. Touch
     4. Things To Make And Do
     5. Another Day
     6. J. Swallow
     7. A Celebration
     8. Party Girl
     9. Endless Deep
    10. Treasure (Whatever Happened To Pete The Chop)
    11. Boomerang I
    12. Boomerang II
    13. The Three Sunrises
    14. Love Comes Tumbling
    15. Bass Trap
    16. 60 Seconds In Kingdom Come
    17. Luminous Times (Hold On To Love)
    18. Walk To The Water
    19. Spanish Eyes
    20. Deep In The Heart

     Official CBS-Ireland and Island Records official 7" and 12" vinyl and
     Island Records 5" Maxi-CD singles.

Sound Quality:
     Excellent studio.  Some of the vinyl sources, however, were in somewhat
     poor condition, resulting in numerous pops and ticks as well as static.

     This CD contains the old singles and most B-sides up to 1987 (although
     the "Where The Streets Have No Name" B-sides have been omitted).  The
     A-sides which appear on albums have also been omitted (even though some
     of these singles were different from the album versions).  A good CD for
     someone who can't get ahold of the early singles.  Deluxe color cover.  
     Picture CD.  Additional comments and info needed on this bootleg.
     This is the original pressing on this label.

     ULTIMATE 7" & 12" COLLECTION 1979-1987, THE 
     Manufacturer: Unknown
     Catalog: Unknown
     Matrix: BON-001-7-12 61654XK1
     Barcode: Unknown