Manufacturer: Kobra Records
Catalog: KRCD38/2
Matrix: Disc 1: KRCD 38/1 
        Disc 2: KRCD 38/2
Barcode: None
Complete Show: No (see comments)
Format: 2-CD
Released: 1998
Disc 1: (71:40)
Disc 2: (72:34)
From: Kristoffer Meinert (meinert@web4you.dk)
From: Phillip Romans (promans@towson.edu)

Disc 1:
     1. Mission Impossible [3:05]
     2. Pop Muzik Intro [4:56]
     3. Mofo [4:36]
     4. I Will Follow [2:56]
     5. Gone [4:51]
     6. Even Better Than The Real Thing [5:10]
     7. Last Night On Earth [6:06]
     8. Until The End Of The World [5:25]
     9. New Year's Day [5:09]
    10. Pride (In The Name Of Love) [4:17]
    11. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [5:46]
    12. Bad / All I Want Is You [6:24]
    13. Staring At The Sun [2:54]
    14. Sunday Bloody Sunday [3:46]
    15. Bullet The Blue Sky [6:19]

Disc 2:
     1. Please [7:08]
     2. Where The Streets Have No Name [6:05]
     3. Discotheque (Incl. Stayin' Alive) [5:50]
     4. If You Wear That Velvet Dress [3:14]
     5. With Or Without You [9:26]
     6. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me [6:06]
     7. Mysterious Ways [6:08]
     8. One [7:07]
     9. Mothers Of The Disappeared (incl. El Pueblo Vencera) [6:14]
    10. Mofo [4:38]
    11. I Will Follow [2:45]
    12. Gone [4:40]
    13. Rain [3:13]

     Disc 1, Disc 2 (1-9): February 11, 1998.  Santiago, Chile.  Estadio      
     Disc 2 (10-12): September 20, 1997.  Reggio n`Emilia, Italy.  Festival 
     Disc 2 (13): September 13, 1997.  Barcelona, Spain.  Olympic Stadium.

Sound Quality:
     Disc 1, Disc 2 (1-9): Excellent television broadcast.
     Disc 2 (10-12): Very good audience.
     Disc 2 (13): Excellent audience.

     This is very, very cool show!  The band pulls off a brilliant
     performance.  "Mothers Of The Disappeared (incl. El Pueblo Vencera)" is
     an outstanding and rare performance on PopMart in which Bono as
     introduction talks to the former Chile dictator Agosto Pinochet.  During
     the song the actual mothers of "disappeared" children talk about when and
     where they lost their children.  One disappointment though: at the end of
     "Where The Streets Have No Name," the song fades and cuts out the "Lemon
     (Perfecto Mix) Intermission" to "Discothèque."  The Santiago crowd is
     very enthusiastic and help make this show very memorable.  Their shouting
     and cheering doesn't take away from the quality of this bootleg. One of
     the best concerts from the PopMart tour captured in the absolute best
     form I have heard.  The sound mix is near perfect.  A stunning
     performance, with the first performance of "Bad" on the PopMart tour.
     The sheer power of "One" and "Mothers Of The Disappeared," with the
     Mothers coming up on stage with the band is overwhelming.  "Staring At
     TheSun" is not complete.  Do not pass this one up!
     This is the original pressing on this label.