Disc 1: 
     1. 4th of July (PA) / 11 O'Clock Tick Tock 
     2. I Will Follow 
     3. Seconds 
     4. MLK 
     5. The Unforgettable Fire 
     6. Wire 
     7. Sunday Bloody Sunday 
     8. Cry/The Electric Co. 
     9. A Sort of Homecoming 

Disc 2: 
     1. Bad 
     2. October 
     3. New Year's Day 
     4. Pride (In the Name of Love) 
     5. Party Girl 
     6. Gloria 
     7. Southern Man 
     8. 40 
     February 1, 1985. Mannheim, Germany. Musensaal.

Sound Quality:
     Good audience.

Comments (by Justin Cook
     This bootleg was transferred to CDR from a vinyl recording
     with the same title.  As a result, some "pops" and "ticks"
     are evident, but they are very light.  I highly recommend this
     bootleg.  After some problems with the recording level are worked
     out, the sound is crisp and clear and the audience presence only
     adds to the recording.  Perhaps the most notable part of the show
     is the inclusion of "Southern Man", the first verse of which Bono
     sings a capella.