Manufacturer: Nikko Records
Catalog: NK 002
Matrix: WIZARD NK 002
Barcode: 8 013780 050020
Complete Show: NA
Format: 1-CD
Released: Unknown
From: Patrick T. Cosgrave (JQYX97C@prodigy.com)
From: Maximiliano Gotz (mpgotz@hotmail.com)

     1. Interview
     2. Until the End of the World / Zoo Radio
     3. Even Better Than the Real Thing / Zoo Radio
     4. Mysterious Ways / Zoo Radio on Madonna
     5. The Fly / The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy Interview
     6. One / Zoo Radio
     7. Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World / U2 on Lou Reed
     8. Satellite of Love / Zoo Radio
     9. Public Enemy Interview
    10. Bullet the Blue Sky / Zoo Radio
    11. Where the Streets Have No Name / U2 on Elvis
    12. Running to Stand Still / Zoo Radio
    13. Can't Help Falling in Love With You

     October 14, 1992.  Houston, TX.  Houston Astrodome.  (Most likely.)  This
     is a bootlegged copy of the Island Records promo CD ZOO RADIO TRANSMIT.

Sound Quality:
     Excellent soundboard.  Comparable to ZOO EUROPA or any commercial CD.

     This is a terrific disc, combining live versions of songs performed on 
     the ZOO TV Tour with various soundbytes, chatter, skits, and interviews
     with the band.  Sort of the audio equivalent of the ACHTUNG BABY video
     cassette.  I've only seen this for sale once (the time I bought it!), so
     don't pass it up if it happens to cross your path.  OUTSIDE BRODCAST and
     ZOO RADIO LIVE IN THE USA were assumed to be bootlegged copies of the
     Island Records radio promo "Zoo Radio Transmit".  This is not exactly
     true.  The official 'Zoo Radio Transmit' contains only one (true) live
     song, a BRILLIANT version of "Slow Dancing".  There is also a very rough
     version of "Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad", which was recorded
     on an airplane.  I happen to know that there were actually two versions
     of 'Zoo Radio Transmit' produced.  The first one was scrapped after the
     band decided that they weren't happy with it.  The person who produced
     it, Bill [last name withheld], gave a copy of the scrapped version to a
     person who worked for the BBC.  Then this BBC person got ahold of some
     live tracks and booted it. I know this because I used to work with Bill
     [last name withheld] and he told me the story. OUTSIDE BROADCAST and
     ZOO RADIO LIVE IN THE USA contain the same "filler", but have different
     tracklistings, as far as songs go.  A true collectors item.  Hope this 
     This is the original pressing on this label.