Manufacturer: Unknown
Catalog: None
Matrix: BONO VI
Barcode: None
Complete Show: NA
Format: 1-CD
Released: Unknown
From: Matthias Muehlbradt (matthias.muehlbradt@metronet.de)

     1. Intro / New Year's Day
     2. Hallelujah 
     3. Save The Children 
     4. When Love Comes To Town
     5. Jesus Christ
     6. An Cat Dubh / Into The Heart 
     7. Mission: Impossible (Junior's Hard Mix)
     8. Let The Good Times Roll 
     9. Royal Station 
    10. Heroine 
    11. One Foot In Heaven
    12. Strange Party

     (1, 6, 9): Unknown.
     (2): 'Tower Of Song' (Leonard Cohen tribute album)
     (3): 'Inner City Blues' (Marvin Gaye tribute album)
     (4): 'When Love Comes To Town' CD Single
     (5): 'Folkways: A Vision Shared' album
     (7): 'Mission: Impossible' (Promo?) CD Single 
     (8): 'Le Q's Juke Joint' (Quincy Jones album)
     (10-12): 'Captive' Soundtrack

Sound Quality:
     (1, 6, 8) :Unknown
     (2-5, 7, 9-12): Presumed to be excellent studio.

     Track 1 claims to be from the "BBC Archives."  Tracks 2 and 3 feature
     Bono, not the entire band.  Track 4 claims to be the "Single Version."
     Track 6 says that it is a "Different Version From Promo Single."  Track
     8 features Bono (not the entire band) along with other artists.  Track 9
     is a duet between Bono and Melissa Etheridge.  Track 10 features vocals
     by Sinead O'Connor, with The Edge on guitar.  Tracks 11 and 12 are
     instrumentals featuring The Edge.  Deluxe color cover.  Picture CD.
     Additional comments and info needed on this bootleg.
     This is the original pressing on this label.