Manufacturer: Unknown
Catalog: RTW 002
Matrix: Disc 1: WIZARD RTW 002-1 
        Disc 2: WIZARD RTW 002-2
Barcode: Unknown
Disc 1: (70:43)
Disc 2: (62:31)

Disc 1:
     1. George Bush Rap
     2. Zoo Station
     3. The Fly
     4. Even Better Than The Real Thing
     5. Mysterious Ways
     6. One / Unchained Melody
     7. Until The End Of The World
     8. New Year's Day
     9. Whiskey In The Jar 
    10. Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World
    11. Angel Of Harlem
    12. When Love Comes To Town
    13. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
    14. Satellite Of Love
    15. Bad / All I Want Is You

Disc 2:
     1. Bullet The Blue Sky
     2. Running To Stand Still
     3. Where The Streets Have No Name
     4. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
     5. Desire
     6. With Or Without You
     7. Love Is Blindness
     8. Can't Help Falling In Love
     9. Redemption Song
    10. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    11. Southern Man
    12. Hawkmoon 269
    13. Unchained Melody

     Disc 1, Disc 2 (1-8): September 3, 1992.  Philadelphia, PA.  Veterans      
     Disc 2 (9-10): October 14, 1992.  Houston, TX .  Houston Astrodome.
     Disc 2 (11-12): Unknown. 
     Disc 2 (13): April 21, 1992.  Tacoma, WA.  Tacoma Dome.

Sound Quality:
     Disc 1, Disc 2 (1-8): Good to very good audience.  
     Disc 2 (9-13): Fair audience.
     The first two songs sound fairly bad, but the sound quality improves
     considerably with "Even Better Than The Real Thing" and stays quite
     clear for the rest of the show, but certain parts, such as the harmonica
     between "Running to Stand Still" and "Where The Streets Have No Name"
     are a little faint. 

     A good sampler of a typical American ZOO TV Outside Broadcast show.
     Bono and Co. were clearly enjoying themselves that night, playing a
     loose, relaxed set, with Bono frequently chatting it up and joking with
     the audience in between songs.  Larry's inspired rendition of Thin
     Lizzy's "Whiskey in the Jar" is hilarious, especially after Bono
     introduces him as, "My mate, Marky Mark."  "I Still Haven't Found What
     I'm Looking For" is a beautiful addition to the mid-show "unplugged"
     set; I know of no other shows where the song was performed in this part
     of the show, which is a shame, because it works wonderfully.  "With
     Or Without You" is the extended version with lyrics from "Love Will
     Tear Us Apart", and "Love Is Blindness" is drawn out to six-and-a-half
     chilling, riveting minutes.  The bonus tracks of "Redemption Song" and
     "Sunday Bloody Sunday" are a nice surprise, as is "Southern Man", in
     which Bono invites an audience member to play guitar, like he did during
     The Lovetown Tour.  "Hawkmoon 269", a favorite of mine, is sadly maimed
     by a terrible recording, and the extra take of "Unchained Melody" is an
     equally-poor recording that is completely unnecessary, as that song is
     performed as part of the main show.  This set is overall a very pleasing
     This is the original pressing on this label.